A decade later ...

Over the past decade since it's launch the Traneumentary's episodes have been listened and downloaded nearly 1 million times (and still counting).  The series is used in countless music schools and continues to be a constant source of much inspiration and enjoyment all around the world.  Thank you for supporting and continuing to listen to the Traneumentary.

- Joseph Vella, March 2017

Many thanks go out to my label friends and colleagues Dave Henson, Lisa Nauful, Jon Vanhala, Matthew Fitz-Henry, Nate Herr, Jeff Zakim, Angelika Beener, Matthew Amoroso, Cem Kurosman, David Sholemson, Randall Kennedy, Jim Beaumont, Adam Hertz and the Apple, Inc. crew Neil Appel, Andy Doe, Scott Simpson, Pete Alcorn, Dustin Driver, Michael Suh and Glenn Bulycz.

Special thanks to Bret Primack for his insightful feedback and for interviewing Sonny, Dr. Billy Taylor for being our MC, Lewis Porter for providing timely Coltrane technical information, Michael deMartin for pod/blog design, Dave Schroeder at NYU for opening up his little black book and to Jim Best for giving me my first Coltrane album.

Very special thanks to all of the talented participants for their stories and generous support especially the alumni group: Jimmy Cobb, Steve Kuhn, Sonny Rollins and McCoy Tyner.

Sadly, we were unable to speak with three individuals who were on our master list - we celebrate their lives, mourn their departures and dedicate this series to them - Ed Bradley, Michael Brecker and Alice Coltrane.

Tracks used in this episode:

• "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free"